Zanzibar is officially opened and Corona Free!

The Minister of Tourism announced, that there are no Covid-19 cases on Zanzibar since 10.6.2020!

Arrival to Zanzibar:

  • A negative COVID certificate is not needed on arrival in Zanzibar unless specified by the country of departure or airline 
  • There is no mandatory quarantine upon arrival
  • Travelers will be checked at the airport for COVID-19 symptoms by measuring temperature
  • Travelers must have valid health insurance
  • Travelers are encouraged to apply for online e-visas prior to arrival
  • Read the full Governmental Travel Advisory No. 5 of 5th of August 2020 and read the full Travel COVID procedures

In case of no symptoms of COVID-19, the traveler can proceed to the hotel without any limitations and without any need for quarantine.

In case of showing symptoms of COVID-19, the government will proceed with the corona test in their special facility.

Procedures during the stay on Zanzibar island:

  • free movement around the island is allowed
  • wearing the mask while in the public spaces
  • keeping social distance
  • all tourist facilities will follow the governmental Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) to ensure Zanzibar is the safest destination


Tulia Zanzibar is open and welcoming the guest


Measures at the hotel

The health and safety of our guests is our priority.  Here are the measures that are taken to ensure maximum safety and convenience for all our guests and personnel.

We want to offer maximum convenience and security for your bookings, so we are offering free modification policies.

At the same time, this is your holiday and we understand that you want to escape from all that’s going on in the world. Therefore we will do our maximum in order to provide you the best service with a smile and a great atmosphere, whilst still keeping everyone safe.

Free reservation modification for non-refundable bookings:

  • This applies to the reservations which were originally booked with the non-refundable policy and the prepayment has already been done.
  • All reservations with a stay between 1.6. – 20.12.2020 now has the flexibility to change the date without penalty. This applies also to the reservations which were originally booked as non-refundable with no amendment possible.
  • If you can’t travel, you are offered a free modification of the dates of your stay to a later period. However, prices may vary, depending on your chosen date. If your new dates are in a period of higher price, the difference is subject to an additional payment. Should the new dates be for a lower price, you can use the outstanding amount for booking additional services within the hotel (i.e. Spa, Excursions, Boutique…).
  • If you are not sure about your new travel dates yet, we will keep your reservation as open and you can get back to us later with confirmation of new dates of our travel.
  • The date change request must be made in writing via email: at least one day prior to arrival to the hotel and its acceptance must be confirmed by the hotel in writing. In case of not informing the hotel about a change of dates, and if the client won’t arrive on the original check-in day, the reservation will be handled as a no-show and the no-show charges will be applied.

Free reservation cancellation for reservation with flexible conditions:

  • This applies to all reservations which were originally booked with flexible reservations conditions and thus no deposit was paid.
  • There is no change in the policy needed. The reservation can be canceled without any penalties up to 1 day prior to arrival.

General guidelines for hotel operation:

  • Maximum hotel occupancy is set to 65 % in order to limit close contact of clients in the public areas.
  • Hand sanitizers are located around various locations in the resort and we encourage our guests to use them regularly.
  • All accommodation and tourist facilities will be cleaned and sanitized before and after use.
  • Rooms will be left vacant for a certain period of time before another check-in is allowed to the same room.
  • Medical Doctor is available on call 24/7.
  • Special Governmental COVID-19 medical unit with COVID-19 testing kits available on call 24/7.
  • Following guidelines set by the government SOPs.

Requirements for hotel staff (mandatory):

  • Staff is observing social distancing of not less than one meter from one staff member to another and from the guests.
  • Staff members get body temperature measured before each shift.

Recommendations for guests (not mandatory):

  • Wearing face masks.
  • Keeping social distancing of 2m.
  • Using hand sanitizers as much as possible.

 If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Last update: 21.9.2020

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