Vanila band

The live band makes you feel very comfortable, while you will be enjoying your dinner.
Band members sing, play on guitar or even play on sax to create a great atmosphere on the stage.

Decent surprise comes along the band plays traditional local song Jambo. At the end of your dinner, the band makes you dance together with your partner, family, friends, and even Tulia staff.

2 hours
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Sunset band

Sunset band is an acoustic group of three performers, who sing and also play on the instruments.
Their authenticity and specific spirit already amazed many guests at Tulia.

Sunset band is one of the best performances, which Tulia presents, so you can enjoy their amazing songs twice a week. Tulia staff also join the band during one of the songs.

Tuesday, Saturday
1 hour
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Masaai show

Masaai is an ethnic group of tribe people, originally coming from Kenya. Nowadays, Masaai also lives in Zanzibar, where they protect the hotel's properties. At Tulia, they show specific commons and traditions in terms of cultural dance and songs.

Guests can join them and learn basic movements and sounds of the Masaai tribe.
Depending on weather and sea conditions, Masaai presents their show on the beach with a bonfire.

30 min
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The acrobatic show is a very impressive performance with many incredible movements and exercises in a quick rhythm.
The show consists of gymnastic, dance, jumps, and many variations of body pyramids.

Acrobats come from Zanzibar and show very energetic performance every Thursday at Tulia. Guests can join their show full of fun.

30 min
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Acoustic band

The Live acoustic band will create a pleasant atmosphere during your dinner.
The band performs a several local songs on the stage situated in the restaurant.

Enjoy great entertainment with Zanzibar rhythm. Performers are also teachers in The Music Academy in Stone Town with a long musical history.

30 min
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Kirundo band

Drumming performance with local instruments starts very slowly and decently to create a great dining ambiance.
The band performs a several local songs by singing and playing on the guitar as well.

The ending of the performance is nicely energetic, where Tulia staff dance with the band as well. Performers are also teachers in The Music Academy in Stone Town with a long musical history.

30 min
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